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In just over a year's time, AYYBO has established a name for himself in the dance music community. The Anaheim-based producer is turning heads with his infectious energy, versatile production, and engaging social presence. AYYBO utilizes his background in cinematography to weave together his music with compelling video content, resulting in a unique experience.

AYYBO has achieved impressive milestones, including the release of his breakout track, "HYPNOSIS." which has accumulated over 10 million streams since its release in July 2022. Kicking off 2023, AYYBO received an official remix from world renowned Pitbull, further solidifying his place in the dance music world.

AYYBO showcases his multifaceted talents by writing his own lyrics and providing vocals on some of his tracks. This versatility, combined with his engaging personality, ensures that AYYBO is here to stay as a fresh and dynamic presence.

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