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Dosem is one of the leading Spanish acts shifting the conversation in dance music towards the uplifting late 90s tinged sounds of melodic techno and house. Quickly after his first releases in 2006, he found his footing in melodic house and techno. A quickly-evolving space that seeks to meld the driving pace of techno, the swaying funk of house, and the transcendent melodics of early progressive house into a sound that’s just at home on the beach or poolside as it is on the massive stacks of festivals and in the darkest of clubs. Growing up in the Spanish city of Girona, Dosem had an early opportunity to learn the crucial skill of warming up, a necessary skill (and lost art) for any DJ who hopes to one day rock the headlining slot. He showed early promise for his ability to control a room and secured a residency at one of the bigger local clubs. As his star rose, he effortlessly flowed into his current role as a world-class selector while also producing music back at home. He truly broke out in 2014 with the release of his first album, Origin. Since then, he has become an international DJ, regularly releasing with Anjunadeep and playing on the biggest stages worldwide.