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Between performing globally, releasing on labels like Paco Osuna’s Mindshake Records, and running Woodlands Studio back home, UK talent Iglesias has built quite a brand for himself. All the while, he’s remained dedicated to artistic integrity and put the music above all else. In case titles like “Rudiment” and “Dance To My Drums” don’t make it obvious enough, percussion is the core of Iglesias’ creative philosophy. Samples of live drums often form the foundation of his tracks, invigorating them with an organic warmth that resonates subliminally on the dance floor. “Most [dance music artists] have a cool story about how their dad’s got a really crazy disco record collection and they got introduced that way,” he says. “I wasn't really into it when I was a kid.” Iglesias was born to a Spanish father and an English mother. His earliest musical influences came from outside his family, however. “from the beginning, it's always been punk,” he says. “It's always been rock. The rock side of it influenced the way my music is today.” He first took up DJing and organizing events, learning to produce music later in his career. “I became completely obsessed with it; I would have rather made music on the weekend than DJ in the club,” he says. “For most people, it's the other way around.” After a couple of years of releasing music, Iglesias struck a chord with his 2018 remix of “Real Thing” by Cloonee. Up to that point, he had hesitated to play any of his music in his sets. “Then I started seeing videos of Marco Carola playing it,” he says. “I thought, ‘Oh, I should probably play this song as well.’” Another release that marked a turning point and gave him confidence in his style was 2019’s “Subdue.” Before that release, he recalls sending demos to Manchester duo SOLARDO for months and never hearing anything back. “I went up to James and said, ‘Dude, just listen to this song, I know you're gonna like it,’” he says. “And he got on his laptop and signed it on the spot.” Since 2018, Iglesias has also run Woodlands Studio, a venture in which he offers mixing, mastering, and production classes. This extra dimension of his career equipped him to weather the rough waters of the COVID crisis as restrictions prevented performers around the world from gigging. Artists like Latmun and wAFF have given masterclasses on the platform, which offers discounts to students in developing countries. 2021 saw Woodlands Studio expand to include a record label called Woodlands Records. Rather than run a straightforward artist imprint and only sign music that closely aligns with his own sound signature, Iglesias gives a platform to tracks from across the electronic music spectrum. One of Woodlands’ first releases was Nicolò Bonelli’s Pure, Clean & Vegetarian EP, whose two tracks fell somewhere on the spectrum between breakbeat and minimal house. With a busier tour schedule than ever before, Iglesias is now capable of showcasing his authentic brand of electronic music on stages across the globe. Not only that, but the brand he’s built for himself will allow him to bring his friends and collaborators along with him.