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Dublin native Gavin Lynch, otherwise known as Matador, had been DJing vinyl from his early teen years until he was 28. At 28 he met Richie Hawtin, who he eventually went on tour and learned a lot from. At the time he believed the best way to introduce the world to his sound was by performing live because there was no competition with other DJs when it came to booking gigs. In an interview with Attack Magazine, Lynch says that he didn’t look at a vinyl for probably four or five years, but that he never lost his passion for vinyl.

Nowadays, Lynch has a “hybrid” setup that allows him to DJ as well as perform live. This setup allows him to play much longer sets because his live sets would only last up to around two hours but now he can play much more music which keeps the audience engaged for longer.

Matador is very well-respected within the techno community and with his several years of experience, he launched his own imprint RUKUS. RUKUS has seen the release of music from ANNA, Fabio Florido, OC, and Verde to name a few.

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