Miss Monique Austin Headline Debut event artwork

Miss Monique Austin Headline Debut

Dec 17, 202210 PM
Miss Monique Austin Headline Debut event artwork


On December 17, Miss Monique will stop at the freshly reopened Kingdom nightclub in Austin, Texas. The Lone Star State might not necessarily be the first place one would think of when house music in America comes up, but it has plenty of history as a breeding ground for underground music.

Austin in particular is becoming a standout destination for house music. A combination of great local clubs and the increasing popularity of Seismic Dance Event (a biannual music festival hosting exclusively house and techno music) has turned the city into a haven for dance music.

Kingdom nightclub was a premiere venue before shutting its doors during quarantine. Having recently reopened, the venue is programming an outdoor and indoor space, with smart bookings such as Carl Craig, Weiss, and of course Miss Monique.

Miss Monique - Siona Records: 2nd Anniversary

It is always rare when a DJ comes into the spotlight without the typical catalog of hit records. Although she has released plenty of music over the years, Miss Monique truly made a name for herself as a DJ first. We have come to expect DJs to really be producers first, building a reservoir of hits before having the ability to tour, or even receiving offers to perform. For Miss Monique, however, the opposite has happened.

The Intimate room at Kingdom Nightclub in Austin will play host to Miss Monique’s unique blend of classic trance, progressive house, and techno. Miss Monique’s energetic live performances have firmly put her on the map after years of playing all over the world. Although the COVID pandemic was a negative for so many, it managed to propel her into the international spotlight as the increase in viewership of her live sets led people to discover her incredible talent.

After releasing an EP titled Land of Sunshine on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records, Miss Monique was able to show that her tremendous skills extend into the studio. Fresh off this, she will be taking off on a first ever headline tour in the states. Her show in Austin is just one example of how far the message has spread about the magic of a Miss Monique set.


505 E 7th St

Austin, Texas

United States

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