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Jun 10, 202211:59 PM

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Tiffany Bennett

As one of Ibiza’s most popular underground parties, get ready to experience a roadblock outside of the oldest superclub on the island every Friday night. The perfect kick-off to any weekend, Music On’s no frills, minimal tech and techno sounds keep the dancefloor filled from start to finish. Running from midnight to 7a m, we recommend saving some stamina for the later hours - that’s where the magic tends to happen.

Born in 2012, Music On was created as a way for Marco to share his vision of techno with his friends, fans, and followers. And where else better to do it than the party island of Ibiza?

Over the seasons that followed, this party has accumulated some of the most passionate and loyal followers. Even when the event controversially moved over from Amnesia to Pacha in 2019, the fans weren’t phased at all, and with Pacha’s recent refurb, 2022 is looking to be stronger than ever for both brands.

Though Carola’s musical style has evolved over the years, one thing has remained the same - his ability to throw a banging party! Teaming up with electronic music and techno heavyweights, Music On is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Week three of the 23-week residency shows Carola at the helm, with wAFF and Syreeta joining the lineup.

"Music On represents me 100%; Music On is an extension of myself. Its greatest philosophy is to do everything for the love and passion of music. The soul is very important and the feelings give it that special touch, which makes you feel part of the history of music,” Carola says about the Ibiza residency. “Ibiza is the most important place in the world for music, it's where you have the best opportunity to project it to a global audience. It's a pleasure, a party that represents who I am, my vision alongside other artists who I also consider to be great representatives of the music nowadays."

Is one night of Marco Carola not enough? Head to Pacha-owned Destino to enjoy his daytime Music On experiences across five dates this summer.

Techno DJ and producer, Marco Corola, has built a reputation as one of the most respected artists in the genre. With incredible residencies (Cocoon and Music On) at Amnesia and Pacha alongside one-off parties across the island - the Music On brand is only getting stronger and stronger as the years go on.

From his underground roots in Leeds and Hull, UK DJ and producer wAFF is now globally known and has been a part of Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations and Paradise crews at DC10 since its first year in 2012.

Syreeta knows how to draw in and keep a crowd, pulling from house and techno tracks to ensure the dancefloor stays full. She’s played iconic island events including Amnesia’s opening party and Circoloco and well as Lost Village, Parklife, and Creamfields festivals to name a few.

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