10 Things We Love About elrow

Jonah Flint

10 Things We Love About elrow

If you have not yet been to an elrow party, we suggest you change that. The brand calls Spain its home, although it has expanded in the last decade to produce events across five continents.

Regular attendees of elrow events can attest to its power. Although they regularly program top-level DJs, it doesn't matter who plays. You are simply there to participate in and be a part of the most extraordinary party on earth. When you attend elrow, you will find yourself observing the madness in the wee hours of the morning and simply smiling to yourself, knowing that you have become part of something truly special.

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Below are our favorite things about elrow.

The Themes

Every single elrow party has a theme. Upon entering an elrow event, you teleport to another world. From the stage to the roof, no detail is spared. From alien invasions to a Brazilian jungle to a psychedelic trip back to the 60s, an elrow theme is what creates the visual experience. While straining your neck to take in all the unique set pieces, we hope you won't overlook the performers sneaking about the crowd, melding with the fans, and creating a truly immersive experience.

The Music

Claptone LIVE from Elrow Town London

A mixture of techno, house, and tech house is expected at an elrow party. Massive names like Fat Boy Slim, Fisher, Vintage Culture, Meduza, Skream, and Claptone have headlined elrow. Yet as any attendee can attest, it almost doesn't matter who is playing. There is a sense of musical understanding from every artist who graces the stage at elrow. Although you can expect to hear the hits from the artists who play, they all seem to know how to maintain the party's energy. Big-name DJs take it as an opportunity to play deeper, reserving their biggest hits for the infamous confetti cannons.

The Energy

To truly understand elrow is to feel the energy at the event. There is a certain electricity in the room when you enter. No matter what hour you arrive, the steady bassline thrums in your ears, your eyes begin to catch all the tiny details around the room, the colors are irresistible, and the performers dance around you. The immersive experience that is elrow thrusts you into a world of light, sound, and color. You close your eyes, and the next thing you know, it's 7 AM, the final song is playing out, and there are still two men in pirate costumes on stilts walking past you.

The Crowd

As any regular attendee of dance music events can attest, the crowd can vary tremendously. Factors like the venue, type of music, and whether it's a festival or concert all impact how the crowd acts and what the experience is like for patrons. At elrow, the crowd is always as vibrant as the decorations. Perhaps it is the absolute madness unfolding in front of everyone's eyes or the mutual love for proper house music. But, more likely is the acceptance that as a fan at elrow, you are not attending a concert, you are part of the show. This realization allows everyone to slip into a house music trance and enjoy the night with their friends.

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When we think of raves, mascots are usually not the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, it wouldn't be an elrow party without a touch of the absurd. Meet Rowgelia, the giant yellow chicken that is the comical mascot and master of ceremonies for elrow. She can be found at every event, starting the party on stage and pumping up the crowd. When Rowgelia steps on stage, a confetti blast isn't too far behind.


At elrow, you aren't the only ones partying. To make the experience truly immersive, costumed performers make their way throughout the crowd and on the stage, bringing a new level of authenticity to the theme of the evening. It's not uncommon to find yourself dancing with a stilt walker, being zapped by an alien, or playing games with a forest fairy.


Fans with a keen eye will notice the performers sneaking around the stage, discreetly dropping streamers and confetti into massive cannons. Before you know it, your favorite DJ is building up to a massive drop, and whooooooosh. Confetti is everywhere. It's more confetti than you've ever seen in your life, and the entire crowd revels together in the moment.


It wouldn't be elrow without talking about family. The Arnau family has roots in the entertainment industry, dating to 1870. The elrow brand is the latest in a long line of game-changing moments for a family that helped bring techno to Spain via their iconic venue Florida135 in Fraga.e

Run by brother-sister owners Juan and Cruz, elrow began as an intimate gathering on Sunday mornings in Barcelona. It's become an interactive, confetti crazy house party with residencies in Ibiza, Las Vegas, and New York City. Over six generations, the Spanish family has innovated the Spanish entertainment industry. They established one of the first discotheques in Spain.

When you attend elrow, everything around you is as genuine as the people creating the experience.


Was confetti not enough for you? Performers in the crowd don't do it? Well, don't worry. Keep your eyes peeled for the slew of theme-relevant inflatables that not only begin to surf the crowd but also act as a take-home gift for the lucky few with quick hands.

Long or Short nights

At elrow, the party begins as soon as the doors open. While we would encourage you to come early and stay late, one can have an incredible time just at the start of the night or at the end of it. No matter when you arrive, the party is in full swing, and the music is bumping.