Alan Oldham to Bring Back Johnny Gambit Character for New Graphic Novel

Jul 30, 2022

John Cameron

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In 1987, Alan Oldham says he paid a visit to Marvel’s NYC offices and handed the editors promo copies of his new comic book, JOHNNY GAMBIT #1. Imagine his surprise when in 1990, the world-famous publisher introduced a character named Gambit bearing a distinct likeness to his in the 266th issue of The Uncanny X-Men.

The years afterwards brought new creative horizons for Oldham. In the mid-‘90s he became a fixture of Detroit techno under the DJ and producer alias DJ T-1000, landing on labels such as Tresor and BPitch Control. The 2000s saw him revisit comics and illustration, delivering artwork that appeared in exhibits from Detroit to Berlin to Kobe, Japan.

After 25 years, Alan Oldham is giving Johnny Gambit a long-awaited reboot — but he needs your help.

September 5 marks the launch of a fundraising campaign for THE RETURN OF JOHNNY GAMBIT. Accompanying the 124-page, black-and-white graphic novel will be a double CD soundtrack compilation of music inspired by the story. Among the artists featured are techno mainstays BlakTony (of Aux 88), FBK, and Nino Sebelic.

Oldham told Gray Area that he’s worked on THE RETURN OF JOHNNY GAMBIT for over 15 years, having started in early 2007. “I finally had a story idea, then I ran with it,” he said. “So I did it part time around DJ gigs, production, other art projects, and other commitments.”

As an illustrator, Oldham’s work has given visual context to a broad swath of the techno landscape. He has delivered album artwork and merch designs for labels like Djax-Up-Beats, De:Tuned, I-Robots, Houndstooth, and Plus 8.

In February, Oldham released a five-track techno EP titled Don’t Complain, Don’t Explain on his own Pure Sonic Records that included a remix by Gene Richards Jr. Earlier in July, he performed at Rave The Planet — Dr. Motte’s reincarnation of the legendary Love Parade events.

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