House Icon Ultra Naté Releases 10th Studio Album

Aug 12, 2022

John Cameron

3 min read

The new generation of Atlanta house music fans filtered through the EDM wave of dance culture seems tragically unaware of the city’s rich legacy in the genre. It couldn’t be a better time for Ultra Naté to school them with a brand-new album.

NATE, as it’s titled, is the tenth such effort delivered by the Atlanta icon in just over 30 years. It comprises 14 songs that she wrote over the course of the pandemic, speaking to the versatility of her time-tested sound. Artists like Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito, Henrik Schwarz, and Osunlade boast production credits on the album.

From the retro synth lead of “LAZER” to the warm instrumentals of “SUPERNATURAL” to the rubbery bass line of “SOLD OUT,” each of the tracks comprising NATE offer a slightly different style. Naté’s anthemic lyrics and sparkling vocals tie them all together into a cohesive whole — and apparently gave the artist a much-needed release.

“This ULTRA album, unlike any other, was the most cathartic and anchoring experience,” explains Ultra Naté. “Pandemic isolation and grief over the loss of many friends unraveled the protective walls I had built around myself. Stripped bare emotionally, confused, and weary of the world, I needed to remind myself every day, who I was at my core. Writing, recording and shaping this collection of songs, physically alone, but with a team of people also committed to bringing this 10th album to life, was the gift.”

After debuting with the 1989 single “It’s Over Now,” Naté released her first album, Blue Notes in the Basement, the following year. She became one of the first house music artists signed to a major label when she entered into a deal with Warner Records UK. Her last album arrived in 2017; it resulted from collaboration with Quentin Harris under their Black Stereo Faith project.

Ultra Naté also formed a DJ duo called The Girl Squad alongside fellow Atlanta artist Lisa Moody. In 2003 the two launched a local event brand called Deep Sugar that billed the likes of Tony Humphries and Louie Vega. Moody passed away in October 2021 of as yet undisclosed causes.

If you plan to dive deep into the discography of Ultra Naté, her latest album is a fitting jumping off point. Stream or download NATE across platforms here.

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