Ibiza Club DC10 Temporarily Closed Due to Noise Complaints

John Cameron

Ibiza Club DC10 Temporarily Closed Due to Noise Complaints

DC10 is the latest Ibiza club to land on the wrong side of the law. The local police of Sant Josep cited noise complaints in a decision to seal the establishment’s music equipment on Tuesday night, preventing the Carl Cox Invites residency from taking place.

According to Mr. Afterparty, most ticket holders learned of the cancellation when ticketing platforms contacted them to offer refunds. The following day, Periódico de Ibiza reported that the club is now one of 22 to have wire clasps soldered on limiters, amps, or compressors due to noise complaint investigations so far this year.

On Wednesday, DC10 issued a statement on social media announcing that Carl Cox Invites had been moved to Tuesday, July 26th, on account of “circumstances outside our control.” Comments on the posts suggest that several would-be attendees had planned trips to coincide with the previous date.

“I planned holidays to see the king,” wrote one commentator. “Very very sad to have not seen Cox yesterday.”

“Only here this week,” wrote another. “So because you can't turn the volume down we've all had to miss out on Carl Cox, and now Solid Grooves isn't on tonight, either?”

The Sant Josep City Council has received 143 noise complaints connected to establishments thus far in 2022. Of the 42 investigated, 20 were reportedly found in compliance and were not subject to equipment seals.

This is not the first time DC10 has landed in the crosshairs of lawmakers for its perceived impact on the surrounding area. In November 2020, the establishment allegedly refused to take down six of its eight billboard fences found to be obstructing the natural landscapes of the island.

Spanish brothers Deogracias and Antonio Lara Moreno opened DC10 in 1999. The house and techno club has benefited from a partnership with Circoloco that sees the event brand’s founders, Antonio Carbonaro and Andrea Pelino, hold a small stake in the venue.