The Lenco LS-55 is a Dream for Vinyl Enthusiasts

Nov 12, 2021

Alicia Baron

1 min read

Vinyl has been a household music staple for decades. And made a significant comeback recently as artists regularly drop vinyl releases within their catalogs.  Lenco just released a new turntable, the Lenco LS-55, that is perfect for any vinyl enthusiast. This sweet device has the power to digitize your vinyl records and save them on flash drives, which is clutch if you have a collection of gems you would like to quickly digitize.

The turntable itself has a classic wooden finish for a visually appealing look. But the best part is Lenco's incredible features which make it a must-have for collectors. It is decked out with built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in phono and RCA outputs, and an Aux input to offer the utmost versatility. It is topped off with a passive radiator to improve bass frequency for your listening pleasure.

It is priced right at $148 USD, comparable to most decent record players on the market, with zero added functionality offered with the Lenco LS-55. It is a pretty sweet deal and a great gift idea for the approaching holiday season. 

Check it out here on the Lenco website.

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